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7 Empowering Mantras for building Self Confidence

By October 7, 2020November 23rd, 2020Meditation

7 Empowering Mantras for building

Self  Confidence

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Empowering Mantras can have a profound effect on our self confidence. The more we train our minds to have empowering thoughts, the more we trust and believe in ourselves. Changing your thoughts can truly help to change your life!

Want more power in your life? Then try out these empowering mantras designed to build more confidence. You can write them down, say them out loud, or use them as a meditation. To use them as a powerful meditation, simply attach the mantras to each breath. Experiment with what works best for you and makes you feel EMPOWERED.


1.  I am  Perfect   in my  Imperfections

Let’s get this straight. There is no “perfect”. Perfect is an ideal and all of us have different versions of ideal. Perhaps the definition for ‘perfect’ should be ‘an unobtainable desire or ideal’. Just then, maybe we would realise the insanity in pursuing it! Or what if the definition of ‘perfection’ was ‘imperfection’? In this case then you are already perfect – you are perfectly imperfect.

Embracing all our curves, edges, quirks is empowering for when we love who we are right now, we stand in our power.

2.  I  Trust   and I  Let  Go

Trusting in yourself, the moment and the Universe is incredibly empowering. As Louise Hays says, “the point of power is always in the present moment.” If we can let go of the past, let go of the future and trust in the current moment then we have found our power. From here and now we have the choice to go anywhere.

Let this mantra anchor you to the present moment and let go of anything that no longer serves you!

3.  I am  Strong   and I am  Soft

There is a misconception that we have to be completely hard in order to be powerful, however there is power in strength and power in softness. Sometimes the most powerful choice we make can be to let go rather than fight.

Embrace your natural dichotomies. We are made up of both strength and softness. Each has a purpose and place and both have the potential to be incredibly powerful.

Embrace your strong and soft side!

4.  I  am ENOUGH

Not being worthy enough or not feeling ever good enough has to be one of the most prevalent modern plagues. How have we come to be this way, to feel that we are not good enough? There are many answers to this including advertising, mass media, the stresses of keeping up with the Jones, however, this is an epidemic that we need to stop.

This is an epidemic you can help to slow down by starting with yourself. By starting to create the neural pathways to believe that you are enough, right now in this very moment. You are not only good enough when you lose X amount of kilos, get that promotion at work, buy the next best thing. You are enough right now as you are! And if you are fighting this right now then refer back to Mantra 2. You are perfect right now!

Embrace who you are right now and feel good all the time. And embracing who you are right now gives you power. You are enough!

5.  I  Surrender

Let’s get this straight, surrender does not equate with weakness. Sometimes it is important to surrender, to let go, to stop fighting in order to go with the flow. Got something you are holding on tightly to that is not serving you well? Maybe it’s a grudge against someone, an old unhealthy habit, a self sabotaging thought. Surrender it. Holding onto guilt, shame, anger? Then surrender it. Let if fall from your shoulders.

Want to feel powerful? Sometimes letting go and just going with the flow gives you the greatest power, the power to be flexible and adapt. When we are flexible and adaptable then more possibilities can enter into our lives. 

6.  I chose  Love  over Fear

Fear will always rear its head, however we have a choice in every moment to choose love or fear. Love and fear cannot exist at the same time, so the power is in our hands. 

If you are feeling closed off from love, or have a fear of being hurt then read this little goodie from ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho.

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself”


This empowering mantra speaks for itself. Want to feel empowered? Then believe you already are! A lot of us can hand our power over to others or hide our power from fear of looking to confident. It is time to embrace the power within and step into your power. Playing it safe is not empowering you and it’s not empowering anyone else. Step into your power so you can inspire others to step into theirs.

Using Mantras can be a powerful tool to shift your mindset and in doing so, change your world. How can a few little words alter your entire life? Well the more we consciously choose what we say and what we think, the more power we have over our mind and how we therefore perceive the world. We might feel like a fraud when we start, yet after a while, once we have repeated these over and over and really started to trust and believe in them, then so does our mind. 

I have used Mantra Meditations as a way of changing my life and the effects have been incredible. It doesn’t happen over night though, these things, like anything worthwhile, take time and practice. The more we practice, the more habitual these mantras will come. The only way to find out if mantras are for you and if they hep to empower you is by giving them a go.

If you would like some guided Mantra Meditations then head to, my online studio. There are a few freebies and also a huge collection of meditations in my Members area. 

“Love  yourself. 

Forgive  yourself. 

Be  true  to  yourself. 

How  you  treat  yourself  sets  the  standard  for  how  others  will  treat  you.”





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