What  is

InfusionFlo is a fusion of Yoga and Contemporary dance that uses breath to connect movement. An InfusionFlo class begins much like a yoga class with a warm up followed by postures that will be used within the flow later in the class. Transitions are then added so each movement flows from one to the next culminating in a dance-like sequence. Each class is guided by music and there are some parts of the sequence where improvised, free movement is encouraged.

Woman dancing at sunrise at the beach

Unlike a dance routine, there are no set counts for the sequences, instead the breath guides the tempo and there is freedom for students to choose their own pace and expression of the movement. Each class is themed and features different sequences and dynamics so you are always exploring different ways of moving. The focus on individual expression means that InfusionFlo can be practiced by anyone, from the absolute beginner through to the professional.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.”
~ MARTHA GRAHAM ~ (The mother of Modern dance)

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