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When is the perfect time to start? Now!

By January 13, 2020March 15th, 2020Feel Good, Inspiration

When  is  the  perfect  time  to  start?  Now!

Why do we always think there is a perfect time in the future for everything? Why is now never the right time? How many times have you held off doing something because it’s not a Monday or not the first day of the week, month, year? Maybe NOW is the perfect time to start!

Hands up if you think the perfect time to start anything new or fresh is always on a Monday? Hands up if you miss the opportunity to start something fresh or new you wait until the following Monday to start again? Hands up if now just never seems to be the perfect time? I know I am a culprit of this and I don’t even have a conventional job with Monday to Friday hours. If I miss what I regard as the ‘perfect time’ to start something then I put it off till the next perfect time. What happens then is that I am forever delaying getting anything done, I get annoyed at myself for missing the perfect opportunity and need up doing nothing instead. Yet every moment of every day is a new opportunity if we allow it to be.  So here are a few tips on how to start NOW!

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Let’s get something straight. There is no perfect. Perfection does not exist, or if it does exist then everything must be perfect. If we agree that perfection does not exist or that everything is indeed already perfect then there is never a perfect time or alternatively, any time is the perfect time. Regardless of how we think about it, we are never going to be 100% ready, 100% knowing, or 100% skilled before we begin. How can we? So if perfection is not a criteria for starting something, then why not start now?


How many times do we stress about things that have not yet happened? The definition of anxiety is the worry about something that is happening or might happen in the future. The thing about the future though is that we have no control over it. We only have now. So we can sit here and theorise about all the things that might happen or we can act now. Not in 10 minutes, not in an hour, not tomorrow but now.


How many times have you caught yourself saying ‘I’ll start that tomorrow’, or ‘tomorrow I’ll eat healthy’ or ‘tomorrow I’ll start meditating’. But what is wrong with starting right now? You want to eat healthy? Start eating healthy now! You want to become fitter, start training now. As Lao Tzu says “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

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Focus on one small

step at a time

Starting can feel rather overwhelming especially when you see the finish line and it seems impossible to reach. So instead of getting caught up in the fear that you won’t ever achieve it, just focus on one small step towards that goal. Rather than putting off eating healthy tomorrow because you already had cake today, what is one small step that you can do right now to improve your health? Rather than seeing the day as scarred, can you simply add a side salad to your next meal? Can you tune into your breath? Can you walk to work? None of these are huge in the bigger picture but you have to start somewhere.

Maybe the perfect time

is now?

Don’t waste an entire day of moments, each filled with opportunities for you to start. The perfect time to start is now.

And as the Nike shoes say,

“Just  do  it ! ”



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